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travelling dogAll our dogs are medically assessed, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and passported ready for travel to anywhere in Europe.

European Pet Transport Services

Dogs routinely travel from Spain to other European countries and there are many different chauffeur services to choose from. Travel from Barkinside is as easy as selecting the transport service you want.

The Sanctuary

An area at Barkinside has been set aside as a sanctuary for the older, disabled and smaller dogs that need extra loving care and medication. There are lovely trees growing here to give lots of shade and it is a quiet and beautiful area.


Leishmaniasis is a controllable disease that affects some Mediterranean dogs, it is transmitted by the sandfly.

Some dogs which are bitten can get this condition that will then lie dormant in them for their life. As we do not have this species of sandfly in the UK it is not possible for a dog to transmit the disease to other dogs or people. Most of the dogs that test positive are treated and live long and happy lives with no symptoms at all once they have been treated and have moved to the UK.

For a dog to catch this disease it has to be bitten by a sandfly that has recently bitten an infected dog and the sandfly therefore transmits infected blood from the previous dog. It is not the dog that transmits the disease.

One significant contributing factor which stands out above all others is stress. A dog who has been living under the stress of abandonment, cruelty, parasitic infestation, near starvation, giving birth every six months in the street etc. will most certainly test positive. This is why a larger proportion of rescue dogs have the disease. But once that same dog is in a safe and secure environment, free from stress and treated for parasites, the drop in the leish count can be dramatic. They also site examples where dogs have become negative. So in many cases, remove the stress, take the dog out of “sandfly” country – problem solved!

Common symptoms of leishmaniasis in dogs are:

  • Skin problems: very often centralised around the muzzle, ears and eyes. The typical ring around their eyes, like glasses; lesions which will result in crusts on or around their ears, very often bleeding.
  • Nail problems: long and fast growing nails, very often incredibly hard, sometimes deformed
  • Lesions: the pads on their feet can be affected with lesions, causing bleeding
  • Other skin problems: loss of fur all over their body, usually starting with small patches of lesions.
  • Weight loss: affected dogs will very likely lose their appetite. If Leishmaniasis is already in an advanced state, it will mean that the internal organs (kidneys, liver) are affected and failing. Chronic diarrhoea is also very common.
  • General: affected dogs may have swollen joints, and/or swelling of their legs, have a fever and they may be less active and even very very calm.

Whilst leish is not curable, it is controllable in most cases. All the dogs at Barkinside are tested and if positive are given appropriate treatment. Many dogs receiving treatment will live happily to old age.