How to Adopt a Dog

dog imageWhen Barkinside considers placing a dog in a new home, care is taken to ensure that there is a good match between the dog, its new owner and the new home environment in which it will be living. Not every dog will be right for a given environment and not all potential owners will be right for a given dog. Both the dog and its new owners will have much learn from each other and will require time to adjust, but if approached with a practical and realistic attitude, adopting can be a deeply rewarding experience.

The initial stages of the adoption process begins when you contact us. First, we will discuss with you over the phone your specific situation, i.e. if you have owned a dog before, how the dog is to be accommodated, your other pets if any, how much time will you be at work/have available to spend with your dog and your family commitments. We, in turn, can then advise you of a dog that may be suitable for you. If there is not a dog available at that time, we will contact you when there is.

pickmeWhen you have chosen your dog please complete this form.


We will arrange a convenient time for a home visit and we will do our best to facilitate this as soon as possible. Remember we can rehome dogs throughout Europe.



In order to help you through the initial stages, we will keep in touch to see how your new dog is settling in and how you are managing. During this period we will do our best to ensure you get any support and guidance you need. Telephone support is available, so there is no need to worry about being left to cope with any problems alone. Most placements do succeed well and some of our adopters even come back for more!