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Barkinside rescues dogs from the local area and throughout Spain. We also assist other rescue services that need our help. We help dogs in the kill stations of Spain to find freedom and safety and then homes. We have local foster carers who assist in saving dogs lives and finding them homes in Spain and other countries. We save dogs where we can who are deemed beyond help, too old, too sick, too injured, too mentally scarred/scared. We are passionate about our work.

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This website promotes those dogs in our care and gives regular updates on their progress and welfare. Photos and information on each dog and the daily of life of the Rescue centre and sanctuary and the work we do here. All of our work is done by those with nothing but love in their hearts for the dogs and other rescues in residence. We have a few wonderful volunteers/ admin and a support system within the dog rescue and local community without whom we could not manage. Thank you.

barkinside (2).jpgThe name Barkinside has been synonymous with Jacquie long before moving to Spain and for over 40 years she has been rescuing dogs. Over these many years the name plaque “Barkinside” has travelled with her from home to home. When she first came to Spain in 2012 she was appalled by the number of stray, abused and injured dogs and was astonished by the lack of locally funded charities to deal with the ever growing problem.

In the year 2013 Roy & Jacquie decided at their own expense to set up a dog facility in their own extensive garden to help a local dog charity with the growing need for a safe haven for abused and desperate dogs. Since May 2015 “Barkinside” in it’s own right has become an animal sanctuary, rescue and rehoming centre.

dog homesHaving been thrown in at the deep end we had 24 local dogs and no money whatsoever for food or vet treatment, but we managed to keep doing this work and we continue doing so with determination and resolve.

We raise funds by organising sponsored walks, dog shows, events and Boot fairs and shows. Educating the local population is also a priority and Roy & Jacquie are involved in organising different events to demonstrate that animal welfare is both beneficial to humans as well as to the animals. We attend school lectures and work with the Spanish and other rescue centres or organisations throughout Spain and Europe to help save lives and raise awareness.


Without you we would and could not do this, your support and encouragement in saving these lives is fundamental to the survival and growth of Barkinside. Let’s keep going and save more lives. Bless you all   xxx

NOTE: Since opening until June 2020, Barkinside has rehomed more than 450 dogs.